The Only Thing Worse Than Human Extinction is Economic Recession

  1. Our world population is projected to grow at about three quarters of a percent per year between now and the year 2050, at which time the earth is expected to be home to some 9.8 billion people. United Nations
  2. The U.S. population is projected to grow slightly faster than the global rate to about 438 million by the year 2050. Most of that growth is expected to come from new immigrants and their offspring. Pew Research Center
  3. Globally aggregated GDP growth in recent decades has been around 3% per year.
  4. For all practical purposes we can consider “healthy” U.S. GDP growth to be in that same 2–3% per year range. This is the rate of growth that is generally considered optimal in order to balance inflation and employment.
Tin can about to be kicked down the road
Tin can ready to be kicked down the road



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Mark Robert Frank

Mark Robert Frank

Contemplative, writer, philosopher, Zen practitioner, and observer of the human condition, I try to say a few words that might benefit someone along the way.